::: global scrambling :::
Cumbernauld: town for tomorrow, Gair Dunlop and Dan Norton, UK : :::
an online exploration of an entropic utopia: Cumbernauld New Town. Your play in the fields of possibility restores optimism and civic pride. Optimism and apocalypse in the Cold War Boom were intimately entwined. The engagement of architects and planners was now with the technological sublime as expressed in the accelerated needs of defence industries and their increasingly consumerist workforces. Hence the Megastructure...

79 Days, Trebor Scholz, New York : [not available] :::

"79 Days" is a networked documentary hypermedia project by Trebor Scholz that looks at the media coverage of the wars in Iraq and Kosovo. It links a live Google image search of war reporting about Iraq to a database of media coverage of the Kosovo war and interviews with Kosovars and Serbs about their memories of the war.

Biotech, Critical Art Ensemble, US : :::

Critical Art Ensemle is a collective of five artists of various specializations dedicated to exploring the intersections between art, technology, radical politics, and critical theory. The BioTech Projects represents a central ongoing initiative by Critical Art Ensemble. The projects are Flesh Machine, Society for Reproductive Anachronisms, Cult of the New Eve, GenTerra and Contestational Biology.

LIVE!NUDE!SPACE!, Laurie Halsey Brown, Rotterdam : [not available] :::

"LIVE! NUDE! SPACE!" is a net.art response as part of the project beingthere.v01.home.03 : http://www.movinginplace.net/beingthereinfo/. "LIVE!NUDE!SPACE!" reflects a wide useage of the internet to "sell" ideas surrounding space/place, squatting, home and "being there". This "amateur" porn site inverts the language and strategies, as it addresses the porn site user and witnessing intimacies within the private setting of the home computer. The site includes a "chat" function with postings which will integrated into the web log (Vlog).

pro][tean][.lapsing.txts , MEZ, Australia : :::

::the software schemata of mobile/relay chat is manufactured via abbreviation, punctuation, + character realignment: ::the nuances of web communication are framed, linked nestled in net][soft][w][are][ork strata.

Magnetic Migration Music, Zoe Irvine, UK : :::

Magnetic Migration Music is a project that collects abandoned and discarded audio tape, such as old cassette ribbon you might find In trees and street corners. The tape will be recycled into a new Sound work, to engage with communication and shared memory as Well as reflecting the current crossover of art, technology and action.

Homo Sacer in Globalization, Horit Herman Peled, Israel : :::

in globalization homo sacer graze devastated landscapes of ruins. exist virtually on tv, have no rights.
homo sacer in globalization is the shadow of humanity, pulverized into dust. roaming deserts of prisons, controlled by digital arsenal. inhabitant of a locus without citizenship.
hunted and terrorized into silence

SELBST-LOS /SELF-LESS, Wolf Kahlen, Germany : :::

WOLF KAHLEN is dissolving pixel by pixel, user by user in the net. On the first page. On the second you see and hear your personal pixel, the one, you activated to disappear, solely on the empty page. And on the third page you see all the 'lost' pixels arriving back and shaping a new WOLF KAHLEN. Look, hear and have the triptych printed out, signed and numbered, the way you, only you see the process taking shape, nobody else has seen this moment of the RITUAL DEATH.

Hermeneutic Topologies, Jose Salinas, New York : :::

Hermeneutic Topologies explores issues of identity and uniqueness implementing the computer as a design-generating tool. Modeling, animating and kinematics techniques are incorporated to simulate prospective security mechanisms that will determine if you are who you are. This disturbing simulation shows to the audience new privacy violations made by security system implementations, as well as how our body react to an established embedded system of information.

Crac Art, Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor, Romania : :::

our interest in tag///ascii////by crackers was constant from a while and after a period of just collecting these virtual items///artworks we thought that to make an on-line show with that material could be interesting///why crack is art? //basically because it is not meant to be art///some of those artists who design tags are anonymous & want to remain like that other don't want to be contacted ...////
Hardbody, Tanja Vujinovic and Zvonka Simcic , Yugoslavia + Slovenia : :::
The twelve web pages of the HARDBODY work provide an experience in which the viewer triggers sonic and visual events. Mouse movements are translated into sets of fluid and sharp sound objects. The work consists of elements of fairy tales, horror movies and melodramas. This material is translated into soundscapes, oscillations and hums: bouncing, thrashy and chaotic fragments which communicate with the viewer.

Plug'n'Pray, UsineDeBoutons - Lionello Borean and Chiara Grandesso, Italy : [not available] :::

A TV preacher is promoting a new way to deal with religious conflicts, a software application helps you get converted in a couple of clicks. You can choose the most suitable and convenient religion for you, anytime, anywhere. Fanatic crusades, bloodshed, get away with it without compromising your pacifist ideals and launch new religious marketing campaigns.
The website parodies these attitudes to elicit dialogue and thought sharing on serious issues like tolerance and religious wars.

Red Shoe Delivery Service, MK Guth & Friends, New York : :::

Red Shoe Delivery Service is an interactive / interdisciplinary project reconfiguring the idea of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers in order to create an interactive art experience while providing a practical service. Through this process RSDS seeks to empower an idea that exists exlusively in the realm of fantasy, while addressing issues and strategies of mobility in an urban setting.

VJ Fleet, Julie Andreyev, Canada : :::

VJ-Fleet is a mobile audio-visual public performance focusing on VJ (video jockey) and local car cultures in the creation and projection of video and sound. The project consists of local customized cars equipped with WI-FI, VJ and sensor technologies that mix files created by on-site video and sound artists. Each car produces an audio mix for FM radio broadcast and a video mix for projection on the rear windshield.

Urban Shift, Zohar Kfir, New York : :::

A composition constructs a journey into imagery. A journey which walks through and bypasses a link between the natural world to metropolitan environments ; A shifted dream like reality fixates itself to an extreme phase until it collapses.
video by Zohar Kfir
sound by Ashis Mahapatra [blurter]

Meen Erhabe, Jacqueline Salloum, New York : :::

Music performed by the Palestinian Hip Hop group DAM (Blood). Video by Jackie Salloum.

Future Tense, Amy Guggenheim, New York : :::

Desire can be more fullfilling than its satisfaction. We see the fantasy of a young man and a young woman run towards each other. What happens when they get together is suggested by the music, and resolved by the viewer. Original music by Michael Whalen, camera by Tasja Keetman, actors Louis Chang and Jennifer Almiron.

Act 2, Carla Cruz, Rotterdam : :::

Act 2 is a look a like, interactive and political, hand puppet theatre platform. To be placed on the public space for free playing, non mediated. Which means I just place the structure on a square and give the possibility for passersby to engage and manipulate hand puppets. This puppets are normally the key figures of the contemporary world politics, such as Bush, Balir, Saddam, Rumsfeld, Chirac, etc, according to the headlines on the mass media, or the context of the place to be activated.

::: remote collaboration :::
Panse , Pall Thayer, Island : :::
PANSE is an Mp3 streaming audio program with a tcp server running at port 6667 that allows for multi-user, realtime interaction. It consists of two 16 step sequencers, a monophonic synthesizer and an effects generator. Many of the sound parameters can be edited over any tcp connection, such as the speed of the sequencers and number of steps to be played by each, note values of each step can be changed as well as filters on the sounds. The monophonic synthesizer is playable via messages over tcp and also has a controlable filter and the effects generator is controlled in the same way. Access to the server is completely open.

share , every sunday at Open Air, New York : :::

A weekly assemblage of portable computing, video and sound mixing at Open Air, NYC. An open forum with video screens covering the walls, for data exchange, experiments and digital performance.

Ozone mail reader, Bjørn Magnhildøen, Norway : ::: + code + info

"Ozone (O3) is a dangerous gas that kills bacteria. Now a scientist has developed a rubber hat to be placed over the tooth that is to be treated. The dentist blows ozone inside the hat. When the ozone has killed the bacteria the tooth can begin rebuilding the enamel."
--Illustrert Vitenskap/Illustrated Science magazine.
This is a very simple pop3 web mail reader written in php for the purpose of checking, reading and deleting mail on the server before downloading any - eventually saving time, bandwidth and money. The interface and operations are optimalized for minimal data transfer.

Violence Online Festival, Agricola de Cologne, Germany : :::

Violence Online Festivalis a NewMedia Art project in form of an online festival created and curated by Agricola de Cologne. More than 270 artists from 40 countries reflect the phenomenon of violence. The work is constructed in form of a virtual media company, name "Violence Media Incorporated" and developed in Flash 6.

E- Tester, Rodriguez Foundation, Spain : :::

The central object of this new mechanism is the shadow, viewed as the negation of visibility for projects that adopt a critical distance from the "single network project", or whose origin places them outside the predominant geo-political framework.
"E-Tester" also goes back to collaborative and decentralised proposals, stressing features such as "do-it-yourself", "home tech" and "teleworking" between different and remote projects, initiatives, groups, artists, directions and places.

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