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orb // remote will be part of an event in the Royal Gardens in central Copenhagen.

the ORB // remote event will take place August 23rd, 4-8 PM, 2003
ORB wifi gallery
Pio Diaz; new exhibition space
Gothersgade 105, Copenhagen, Denmark


Kristoffer Ek, Copenhagen, "Propaganda Bicycle"
a computer equiped bicycle spreading propaganda in the streets of Copenhagen

Joel Leonard Katz, Copenhagen, "Scented Stories"
Anthropology and The Wireless Communications of Fragrance.



Jose Salinas, "Hermeneutic Topologies"
Identity in a passport photograph is transformed into a 3D space by the lights of the scanning device

Jackie Salloum, New York, "Meen Erhabe"
video for a Palestinian hip-hop band DAM (Blood)

Amy Guggenheim, New York, "Future Tense"
a fantasy social relationship solved by the viewer

Julie Andreyev, Canada, "VJ Fleet"
documentary about the VJ Fleet performance in Vancouver, a live wifi/sound/VJ using the Car industry
revealing the social structure of the Vacouver environment.

MK Guth and Friends, New York, "Red Shoe Delivery Service"
A way to empower an idea that exists exlusively in the realm of fantasy,
while addressing issues and strategies of mobility in an urban setting.


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The Turbo Twins, New York, "Artistic Robots Augment Human Art"
Robots make artist's drawings using markers

The Power Pilgrims, Sweden, "Power Pilgrimage"
A group of 4 Pilgrims chase the world in search of electric outlets to power up the
magnets that hold their clothing...